About SlimMe1, Great Products and Rapid Weight Loss

The SlimMe1 team has all had struggles with controlling weight. Two of the partners created their own local business built it up and got some amazing technology using galvanic skin testing to help people determine their health needs and which products would work best for them.  The galvanic testing has not been offered on the web though it may come about if there is enough interest.  If you’re interested in knowing more about it send a note to support@slimme1.com.

The third partner, Craig, joined the team after their local business was up and running.  The three of them and the rest of the team have brought the business to the web and to your local communities.

The cool thing about our YP10 weight product is:  they really work.  Most companies will not bring out products like this one because it doesn’t require continual purchasing to maintain your results.  And that is a problem for us because it is costly to continually find new customers, but we’re dedicated to sharing the dream of reasonable weight for people.  We were without hope.  For us, our hope and faith have turned into knowledge.  This is a weight loss product that really does take the weight off.

As we’ve expanded our support group, the group has shown an interest in providing other products outside the weight loss area that they’ve found to be helpful.  We’ve also queried our customers to share their experiences with products that really do work.  As a result, we’re bringing you more products superb products.  Not all will work and you’re cured, you don’ t have to continue to use.   But they all work and are covered by their own guarantees.  If you have products that you’ve liked and would like other to have their benefit, send us a note to: support@slimme1.com.


The SlimMe1 Team
September 2010

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