Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days

How many times have you decided "I'm gonna go on a diet" or "I'm gonna join this program" or "I'm gonna try this," or "I saw this on a website, I'm gonna try this, and okay, maybe you lose 20 pounds, probably took you three months to do it. And then, when you're done with it, you turn around and get it right back.

This is the question posed by My 101.7 DJ Amy Malone to her listeners, and yes, it has a certain truth to it, doesn't it?

Lose 20 Pounds with the YP10 Weight Loss System

According to Amy, the YP10 Weight Loss System is "nothing like that… you will notice pounds are coming off every single time you step on that scale.. and once that 30 days are up, you're gonna notice how easy it is to maintain that weight loss. "

Let's listen to Amy Malone: 

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Yes, once you decide on doing the YP10 Diet and carefully follow the instructions and meal plans, you can lose 20 pounds, just like Amy. What made Amy succeed with the diet?

"I'm way past the 30 day mark and I have maintained the weight that I have lost, with no problem.  The food  you get to eat is food that you're used to eating that you can buy in the grocery store," Amy says.

To lose 20 pounds in 30 days, the YP10 Weight Loss System trains you on how to restructure your eating habits with the regular food that you've been having. There are no special meals to do. In fact, you can even share it with your family! No complicated process of preparing food or schedules.

Lose 20 Pounds: Was This one of Your New Year's Resolutions?

Okay, let's face it, New Year's Resolutions tend to be broken, but wouldn't it feel real good to accomplish something that you've really, really found hard to do in the past?

With the Holidays approaching, you'll be with your family and friends again, maybe the same ones who witnessed your vow to lose 20 pounds. Why not surprise them by really losing some weight?

Wouldn't you love to hear, "Oh, you really look good! Looks like you were able to lose 20 pounds or something! Did you diet the whole year?"  To which you can simply smile and say, "No, I was able to lose 20 pounds in 30 days!" Watch their jaws drop open!

Lose 20 Pounds: In Time for Halloween!

Have you ever wished that you could wear that "Superman" or other superhero costume but never had the guts to do so because you know you just won't look good in it?

Well, if you order your YP10 Weight Loss System now, you'll be able to lose 20 pounds or more and be able to wear that skimpy Halloween costume you've been longing to be in for so long. Picture yourself as Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Elvira Adams and more! Wow! Your friends will definitely drool with envy!

What are you waiting for? Lose 20 pounds now and look good this Holiday!

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