Lose a Pound a Day and Be Happy

How to Lose a Pound a Day and Be HappyAfter years of having a hard time losing weight, Star 93.3's Julie Pierce has finally found out how to lose a pound a day and be happy! Here she is:

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Lose a Pound a Day Even With a Former Medical Condition

Yes, Julie was able to lose a pound a day, a total of 14 pounds and 12 inches with the YP10 Diet. She feels excited because Inspite of a former medical condition that prevented her from losing weight with all the diets she had tried before, this weight loss system actually worked.

As Julie says, "Clothes feel better, people are telling me they noticed it in my face….." Indeed, with the YP10 Diet, you don not only lose weight- you lose inches, too, which makes the weight loss more noticeable. Your chin begins to trim, that bulging belly starts to flatten, and that unsightly flab hanging on your arms and legs begin to disappear!

She has adjusted to the program much easier than she honestly expected to, which thrills her more. Wow! How easy can a diet be that can make you lose a pound a day and be happy!

Lose a Pound a Day is Enhanced With Detox Tea By Slimme1

Another product that Julie is using with her diet is the Detox Tea by Slimme1. She loves it and even encourages you to try it yourself. So, if you do decide to try it, you're in for a great deal with $20 off when you key in "GOTEA", the special promo code just for you!

When you take the Detox Tea, you may lose a pound a day more easily because it works well with the YP10 Diet Drops. Together, this tandem enhances and makes weight loss faster and more effortless.

Lose a Pound a Day and Be Happy 

Julie is really happy with her success, and you will be, too. Who wouldn't be happy, anyway? When you lose a pound a day, of course you will feel more confident, and the compliments that you will get from people around you will definitely make your heart smille!

So, why wallow in fat when you can do something about it? Order your YP10 Weight Loss System now and just like Julie, lose a pound a day and be happy about it!

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  1. Carla Schweitzer says:

    I weigh 189 and very disgusted with myself.  I have gained 20 pounds since Aug. 2012.  I found out in Nov. 2012 that I had very bad cholestorel and was told that dieting would not happen until my numbers came down.  I have been taking Lipitor and I am now 35 number from being in normal range with both good and bad cholestorel.  I need help to lose weight by Oct. 13, 2013 for my 30th Reunion from high school.

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